50pcs Face Mask


CE rated, EN14683:2014, Level 1, 95% medical 3ply face masks.

These disposable non-woven cloth face masks offer three layer composite filtration.

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Amount per pack: 50pcs

Price per unit: £0.60

These Face Mask are CE rated, EN14683:2014, Level 1, 95% medical 3ply masks.

Usage Method

  • Spread out the mask and hang the mask on both sides of the ear
  • Fix the nose bridge strip according to the nose shape to prevent dirty air from entering
  • Pull the mask to the chin to present a three-dimensional breathing space.

Additional information





Additional Usage Information

Matters needing attention

  • Please store this product in a clean, hygienic, ventilated and dry environment.
  • Young children should wear the masks under adult supervision.
  • When using the mask, the nose bridge should be securely fitted to create a tight seal.
  • Replace the mask if it has been contaminated, broken or damaged.
  • This is a disposable product and should not be reused.
  • Please wear the mask properly, if the mask is not securely fitted the mask cannot perform the filtering function.

Distinguishing the orientation of the mask 

Distinguishing between the inside and the outside, one way which you can tell the orientation of the mask is to look on which side the nose bridge protrudes outwards, this will be the outwards facing side. In addition, judging from the direction of the creases, the downward crease is generally the outside, while the upward crease is the inside.

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